Atlantic Water and Air

Who is Atlantic Water and Air?

They are a owner run business providing whole house water filtration and water conditioning and now providing air purification systems for you and your family. They have been in business since 1988.

Why you should care about your water condition?

Well, I think we all know the tap water is not the same as mother nature intended. It’s been contaminated with hard dirty minerals, dirt, waste by-products, even drugs and pesticides are ending up in your water. You can easily search google for information on this.

How Can Atlantic Water and Air Can Help You

By providing you with the right solution you need, customized to your exactly water quality in your local area. Their water treatment systems can remove the hardness (recommended by your appliance manufactures) so that it’s easy on your pipes, water based appliances (helping them last longer and function better) and also many man made drugs and other toxins from your drinking water and bathing water.

How AWA Has Helped Others

Atlantic Water and Air has been providing home water filtration solutions since 1988 and have served 20,000 homes in the local area. They provide water filtration systems and can also perform any maintenance needed (or you can do it yourself, if you wish). The systems they carry carry a lifetime warranty against defects. Atlantic Water and Air provides extra protection for your system over and above what the actual manufactures provides. This mean they have your back, no matter what.

FREE Water Test from Atlantic Water and Air

If you would like a water analysis at your home to determine if you qualify for their system, just give them a call at (302) 326-1166